About Us

Here's where art meets science!

Reinventing the

Ice-cream experience!

Cream Chemistry is the brainchild of brothers,
Faisal and Yasser Mateen.

The Beginning

A hot summer afternoon sparked an instant craving for ice-creams in them, and thereby a business idea was born. What could they do in ice-creams that hadn’t already been done to death? Having heard of molecular gastronomy, they wanted to apply this concept to their beloved dessert too. The idea was to bring in the same dramatic element in the preparation that is felt when you savour the scoop.

From this idea came the brand Cream Chemistry, which uses liquid nitrogen to make fast-freezing ice-cream with fresh ingredients. With concepts of chemistry, we strive to provide not just delicious and unique flavours, but also an enigmatic experience which is worthy of an ice-cream!

Envisioning Cream Chemistry

Cream Chemistry is gaining their foothold across the nation as the most talked about dessert brand that offers an electrifying experience of rich, delicious ice cream made of premium ingredients!

- always fresh ingredients;

- only professionals in this job;

- every customer satisfied.

Moments Of

Our Sweet History

Here are the highlights of our historical achievements.


Theatrical Promotion

Cream Chemistry had been promoted in the big screens of Hyderabad

29, Nov

Conquered another territory

Opened the first outlet in Chennai, Tamil Nadu

14, April


Stepping out of home town

First outlet opened in Hyderabad, Telangana

2, Dec

First Anniversary, First Franchise

First anniversary marked as the opening of first franchised model outlet in Sahakara Nagar, Bangalore

26, Aug

Media Explosion

Got the local media attention and coverage in TV9

14, Apr

Mission Expansion

First step towards the mission expansion in Koramangala, Bangalore

25, Feb


2.6 Million Viewers

The making of live ice cream video released on youtube got the mass audience attention

28, Oct

Birth of Cream Chemistry

Here the story begins from Frazer Town, Bangalore

26, Aug


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