Freshest Ice Cream

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Every creation from our fountain is made using the fresh creamy milk & quality ingredients, handcrafted right in front of you.

Brain Freezers

Savour the delicious icy flavours as a thick mist escapes your mouth and the chills rush to your head!

Why N2?

Nitrogen fast-freezes the ice-cream and evaporates instantly, leaving behind the natural flavours!


Charcoal Ice Cream

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Charcoal + Nutella.

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About Us

Cream Chemistry is gaining their foothold across the nation as the most talked about dessert brand that offers an electrifying experience of rich, delicious ice cream made of premium ingredients!

Liquid Nitrogen


Liquid Nitrogen at -320 oF fast freezes the fresh base

Freezing Pan

Freezing Pan

Stays at -30 F and cools the mixture in seconds

Fresh Base

Fresh Base

Made with fresh, ultra-premium ingredients to complement the flavours

Pan Rolled Ice Creams

Pan Rolled

Sheets of ice-cream rolled on a pan to create a tasty frozen treat

Over 70 Flavours

Over 70 Flavours

Experiment, experience and enjoy!

Live Station

Live Station

Watch us blend your fresh frozen treat right in front of you!

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